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Wikipedia translation of the week: 2020-23

Sekatan hak penciptaan rencana untuk pengguna awanama

Saya nak tanya berhubung dengan sekatan hak penciptaan rencana untuk pengguna awanama, adakah kod mengubah konfigurasi sudah atau belum dilakukan. Saya lihat pengguna awanama masih bebas mencipta rencana karut-marut selepas undian ditutup. Terima kasih.–Fandi89 (bincang) 08:33, 1 Jun 2020 (UTC)

@Fandi89: Untuk pengetahuan anda, penyelia-penyelia sistem telah menolak usul ini dengan alasan utama mereka, wiki kita terlalu kecil dan kekurangan penyumbang. Rujukan di sini.- CyberTroopers bincang/sumbangan 12:09, 3 Jun 2020 (UTC)
@ 22:31, 1 Jun 2020 (UTC)

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2020-24

Cara pencalonan RP salah.

Saya sudah betulkan cara pencalonan William S. Sadler. Laman pembetulan anda boleh lihat di sini Wikipedia:Calon rencana pilihan/William S. Sadler/arkib1 SNN95 Talk to me, beybeh! 13:42, 8 Jun 2020 (UTC)

21:11, 8 Jun 2020 (UTC)

This Month in GLAM: May 2020

This Month in GLAM logo 2018.png

  • Armenia report: Edit-a-thon dedicated to International Museum Day
  • Colombia report: A #1Lib1Ref to close the gender gap
  • Côte d'Ivoire report: #1Lib1Ref 2020 from 26 to 28 May in Côte d'Ivoire
  • France report: WikiArchives; IMD 2020: Cross-Chapter Collaboration
  • Indonesia report: Wikisource Competition 2020 recap; International Museum Day 2020
  • Italy report: New collaborations and contents!
  • Netherlands report: Analysis of Dutch GLAM-Wiki projects in relation to the Dutch Digital Heritage Reference Architecture, Content donation from Utrecht Archives, Detecting Wikipedia articles strongly based on single library collections and Collection highlights of the KB
  • Sweden report: Free music on Wikipedia; NHB webinars; Wikipedia in libraries – Projekt HBTQI
  • Switzerland report: International Museum Day 2020
  • UK report: Japanese art
  • USA report: Workshops & COVID-19 Symposium
  • Special story: Content partnership category - your help is needed
  • WMF GLAM report: GLAM metadata standards and Wikimedia projects
  • Calendar: June's GLAM events
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Books & Bytes – Issue 39, May – June 2020

Wikipedia Library owl.svg The Wikipedia Library


Books & Bytes
Issue 39, May – June 2020

  • Library Card Platform
  • New partnerships
    • ProQuest
    • Springer Nature
    • BioOne
    • CEEOL
    • IWA Publishing
    • ICE Publishing
  • Bytes in brief

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On behalf of The Wikipedia Library team --MediaWiki message delivery (bincang) 06:13, 11 Jun 2020 (UTC)

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2020-25

21:37, 15 Jun 2020 (UTC)

Digital Postcards and Certifications

Wikipedia Asian Month 2019

Dear Participants and Organizers,

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, there are a lot of countries’ international postal systems not reopened yet. We would like to send all the participants digital postcards and digital certifications for organizers to your email account in the upcoming weeks. For the paper ones, we will track the latest status of the international postal systems of all the countries and hope the postcards and certifications can be delivered to your mailboxes as soon as possible.

Take good care and wish you all the best.

This message was sent by Wikipedia Asian Month International Team via MediaWiki message delivery (bincang) 18:58, 20 Jun 2020 (UTC)

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2020-26

18:48, 22 Jun 2020 (UTC)

The Signpost: 28 June 2020

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2020-27

16:30, 29 Jun 2020 (UTC)

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2020-28

20:18, 6 Julai 2020 (UTC)

Tajuk rencana

Bolehkah saudara pindahkan rencana berikut:

2001:E68:5425:186C:2118:9448:E790:6C7C 18:08, 7 Julai 2020 (UTC)